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The Index of Testators

(with apologies for any errors in typing)
Updated 2nd December 2001

I have re-sorted the index into Testamenta Vetusta's apparent order of:
  1. Surname of Testator
  2. Female, then Male then Other Name entries
  3. Will Date or Other Name

Changes for 2nd Dec:

  1. I've added a column to show those that I can map onto my database, currently 326 (40%) of the 807 wills.
  2. Three people had been left out of the index altogether though their wills are indeed in the book; they are now included in this list:
    1. William lord Bardolph
    2. Agnes lady Bardolph
    3. Edward lord Grey of Powys
  3. Margaret Beaufort duchess of Exeter's will clearly has in it a date of 1458. Yet Complete Peerage says she died in 1424. I cannot resolve this one. Anyone?
  4. Agnes Vincent's will is dated 1519 and not the 1619 in T.V.'s index.
  5. Elizabeth (Tilney) Howard dutchess [sic] of Norfolk made her wills in 1472 and died in 1497 yet T.V. says her will date was 1506. CP explains this by saying that T.V. added in a will for a subsequent duchess of Norfolk.
  6. Joan Hastings lady Welles has her will date in the index as 1505 when it is 1504 in the text.

Name of Testator Will date Other name On Database
Acton, Sir John 1388
Agmundesham, Philip 1490
Agmundesham, John 1509
Allington, William 1485
Andrews, Elizabeth Lady 1474 Yes
Andrews Wyche
Angolesme Huntingdon
Arches Dynham
Argenton, Sir William 1419
Arundel, Maud Countess of 1436 Yes
Arundel, Eleanor Countess of 1455 Yes
Arundel, Richard FitzAlan, Earl of 1375 Yes
Arundel, Sir John 1379 Yes
Arundel, Richard FitzAlan, Earl of 1392 Yes
Arundel, Sir William 1400
Arundel, Agnes de 1401
Arundel, Thomas FitzAlan, Earl of 1415 Yes
Arundel, Sir Richard 1417
Arundel, Sir Thomas 1485 Yes
Arundel, Thomas FitzAlan, Earl of 1524 Yes
Arundel, William, Earl of 1543 Yes
Arundel Capel
Arundell, Henry, Clerk 1540
Ashburnham, Thomas 1523
At Wode, John 1528
Atte Launde Launde
Atte Lesse, Lady Laura 1378
Audley, Elizabeth Lady 1400 Yes
Audley, Anne Lady 1497 Yes
Audley, Nicholas Lord 1381
Audley, James Lord 1385 Yes
Aylesbury, John 1422
Bacon, John 1385
Badlesmere Northampton
Baker, Agnes Lady 1403 Yes
Baker, William Lord 1384
Baker, Wm Philip Lord 1438
Baker, John 1464
Baker, John 1469
Baker Morley
Bardolph, William Lord 1384 (in T.V. but not in index) Yes
Bardolph, Agnes Lady 1403 (in T.V. but not in index) Yes
Bassett, Joan Lady 1402 Yes
Bassett, Ralph Lord (of Drayton) 1389 Yes
Bath, John Bourchier Earl of 1535 Yes
Battesby, Robert, Clerk 1502
Beauchamp, of Powycke, Elizabeth Lady 1411 Yes
Beauchamp, Margaret Lady 1487 Yes
Beauchamp, William de 1268 Yes
Beauchamp, Sir Guy de 1359 Yes
Beauchamp, Sir Roger 1379
Beauchamp, Sir Roger 1406 Yes
Beauchamp, Sir John 1411 Yes
Beauchamp, Sir Walter 1429 Yes
Beauchamp, John Lord of Powycke 1475 Yes
Beauchamp Bergavenny
Beauchamp Latimer
Beauchamp Say
Beauchamp St Amand
Beauchamp Suffolk
Beauchamp Warwick
Beaufort, Cardinal 1417 Yes
Beaufort Exeter
Beaufort Richmond
Beaufort Somerset
Beaufort Worcester
Beaumont, Sir Henry 1471
Beaumont, Thomas 1489
Beaumont, Richard 1536
Beaumont Audley
Bedford, John Plantagenet, Duke of 1435 Yes
Bedford, Jasper Tudor, Duke of 1495 Yes
Bedingfield, Margaret Lady 1380
Bedingfield, Sir Edmond 1496
Bellasis, Robert 1540
Benet, William 1495
Berforde, Edmund de 1350
Bergavenny, Joane Beauchamp, Lady 1434 Yes
Bergavenny, Eliz. Lady 1500 Yes
Bergavenny, Wm. Beauchamp, Lord 1408 Yes
Bergavenny, George Nevill Lord 1491 Yes
Berkeley, Sir Edward 1381
Berkeley, James Lord 1404 Yes
Berkeley, Thomas Lord 1415 Yes
Berkeley, William Marquess 1491 Yes
Berkeley, Thomas Lord 1533 Yes
Berkeley Arundel
Berkeley Cobham
Berne, Richard 1461
Berners, John Bourchier, Lord 1473 Yes
Berners, John Bourchier, Lord 1532 Yes
Bevill, William 1487
Bigot Norfolk
Bishop, John 1465
Blount, Sir James 1492
Blount Mountjoy
Bluet, Margaret 1464
Bohun, Sir Humphrey 1468
Bohun, Edmund 1501
Bohun Courtenay
Bohun Gloucester
Bohun Hereford
Boleyn, Sir Geoffrey 1463 Yes
Boleyn, Sir Thomas 1471 Yes
Boleyn, Sir William 1505 Yes
Bonvile, Sir William 1407 Yes
Bonvile Dorset
Borough Burgh
Boteler, John 1521
Boteler Ferrers
Botetourt, John Lord 1383 Yes
Botreaux, William Lord 1415 Yes
Botreaux Hungerford
Bourchier, Elizabeth Lady 1498 Yes
Bourchier, Isabel, Lady 1500 Yes
Bourchier, Sir Thomas 1491 Yes
Bourchier, Sir John 1495 Yes
Bourchier, Sir Thomas 1512
Bourchier Bath
Bourchier Berners
Bourchier Nevill
Bourchier Welles
Bourne, James 1467
Boys, Thomas 1508
Boys, William 1549
Brandon, Elizabeth Lady 1496
Brandon, Sir Thomas 1509
Brandon, Sir Robert 1523
Brandon Suffolk
Bray, Katherine Lady 1507
Bray, Sir Reginald, KG 1503
Bray, Edmund Lord 1539
Brent, Amy 1516 Yes
Broke, John 1529
Brokeman, William 1477
Brokeman, Thomas 1519
Brokeman, Henry 1527
Brokhull, Sir John 1382
Bromflete, Henry Lord Vesey 1466
Brooke, Thomas 1547 Yes
Broughton, Sir Robert 1504
Broughton, John 1517
Browne, Margaret Lady 1489
Browne, Sir Anthony 1505 Yes
Browne, Robert 1509 Yes
Browne, Francis 1541
Brudenell, Edmund 1425
Brudenell, Henry 1431
Brudenell, Edmund 1457
Brudenell, Drogo 1491
Bruges, William, Garter 1449
Bruyn, Editha Lady 1418
Bruyn, Elizabeth Lady 1470
Bruyn, Joan 1492
Bryan, Sir Thomas, Chief Justice 1495 Yes
Bryan, Sir Thomas 1517 Yes
Brydges, Sir Giles 1511 Yes
Buckingham, Ann Stafford, Duchess of 1480 Yes
Buckingham, Eleanor Stafford, Duchess of 1528 Yes
Buckingham, Humphrey Stafford, Duke of 1460 Yes
Bullen Boleyn
Bulstrode, Thomas 1517
Bulstrode, Walter 1526
Burgess, Ann 1458
Burgh, Elizabeth de 1355
Burgh, Alice Lady 1558 Yes
Burgh, Thomas Lord 1495 Yes
Burghersh, Bartholomew Lord 1369 Yes
Burghersh Despenser
Burton, Robert, Clerk 1527
Burwashe, Richard 1507
Butler Ormonde
Byrchett, Richard 1516
Bysshope, John 1509
Cadogan, Thomas 1511
Camois, Margaret Lady 1386 Yes
Capel, Margaret Lady 1522 Yes
Capel, Sir William 1515 Yes
Carew, Sir Nicholas 1387 Yes
Carew, Nicholas 1432 Yes
Carminow, Sir Ralph 1386
Catesby, Sir John (judge) 1485
Catesby, Sir William 1485
Catesby, John 1486
Catesby, Sir Humphrey 1504
Catesby, George 1506
Cavendish, Rose Lady 1419
Cavendish, Sir John 1380
Cavendish, William 1432
Cavendish, Thomas 1524
Cecill, David 1535
Champernown Talbot
Champion, Richard, Clerk 1543
Chandos, Richard, Bishop of Chichester 1258
Chapman, William 1530
Chedworth Norfolk
Cheney, Sir William 1443
Chichester, Richard de la Wick, Bishop of 1253
Chichester, Richard de la Wick, alias Chandos, Bishop of 1258
Clare Burgh
Clarence, Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of 1368 Yes
Clarence, Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of 1417 Yes
Clifford, Agnes de 1220 Yes
Clifford, Elizabeth Lady 1526
Clifford, Sir Lewis 1404 Yes
Clifford, Alexander 1494
Clinton, Julian Lady 1367
Clinton, Joan Lady 1457
Clinton, William Lord 1354
Clinton, Richard 1436
Clitterow, Matilda 1457
Cobham, Joan Lady 1369 Yes
Cobham, Ann Vere, Lady 1472 Yes
Cobham, Thomas 1367 Yes
Cobham, Sir William 1375
Cobham, Sir John 1394
Cobham, Ralph 1402
Cobham, Thomas, Lord 1439 Yes
Cobham, Sir Reginald (of Sterborough) 1445 Yes
Cobham, Sir Thomas 1471 Yes
Colet, Sir Henry 1505
Colet, John, Dean 1519
Compton, Sir William 1523
Conyers, Maud Lady 1460
Cooper, Thomas 1489
Cooper, John 1495
Cooper, John 1498
Cope, William 1513
Cope, Sir John 1557
Cope, Edward 1557
Cope, William 1558
Cope, Anthony 1558
Copley La Warr
Cornwall Fanhope
Cornwallis, Elizabeth 1537
Cornwallis, John 1506
Cornwallis, William 1519
Cornwallis, Sir John 1544
Cotton, Thomas 1517
Courtenay Devon
Courtenay St Laudo
Covell, Agnes 1522
Criol, Sir Nicholas 1379
Cromwell, Ralph Lord 1455 Yes
Croysier, Sir William 1386
Crypps, John 1558
Cuggeshall, Thomas de 1375
Culpeper, Ann 1532
Culpeper, Walter 1389
Culpeper, William 1499
Dacre, Joan Fienes, Lady 1485 Yes
Dacre, Thomas Fienes Lord 1531 Yes
Daggworth, Sir Nicholas 1396
Danvers Say
Darrell, Paul 1490
Daubeny, Sir Giles 1400 Yes
De La Laund, Sir John 1465
De La Pole, Margaret 1472
De La Pole Suffolk
Delves, Sir John 1369
Denny, Sir Edmund 1519
Denny, Thomas 1527
Denton, John 1493
Derby, Thomas Stanley, Earl of 1504 Yes
Derby, Thomas Stanely Earl of 1521 Yes
Despencer, Elizabeth Lady 1409 Yes
Despencer, Edward Lord 1375 Yes
Despencer Warwick
Devereux, John Lord 1385 Yes
Devereux, Sir John 1419
Devon, Margaret Courtenay Countess 1391 Yes
Devon, Edward Courtenay Earl of 1419 Yes
Devon, Humphrey Stafford, earl of 1463
Devon, Edward Courtenay Earl of 1509
Digby, Sir Thomas 1516
Digby, Everard 1537
Digby, Sir Everard 1540
Digge, Sir Roger 1375
Dormer, William 1506
Dormer, Sir Michael 1545
Dormer, Sir Robert 1552
Dorset, Cecily Grey Marchioness of 1527 Yes
Dorset, Thomas Grey Marquess of 1501 Yes
Dorset, Thomas Grey Marquess of 1530 Yes
Dowman, John, Dr 1526
Druell, Richard 1526
Dudley, Katherine 1492
Dudley, Oliver 1469
Dudley, John Lord 1487 Yes
Durem, Elizabeth 1476
Durham, Richard de Lellawe, Bishop of 1316
Durham, Thomas Hatfield, Bishop of 1381
Dynham, Jane Lady 1496 Yes
Dynham, John, Lord 1505 Yes
Dynham Stafford
D’Acton Acton
D’Arcy, Margaret Lady 1489
D’Arcy, Philip Lord 1398 Yes
D’Arcy, Thomas 1483
D’Arcy, George Lord 1548 Yes
Ebrington, Sir John 1478
Ebrington, Thomas 1523
Edgcombe, Katherine Lady 1553 Yes
Edgcombe, Sir Richard 1489 Yes
Edgcombe, Sir Piers 1530 Yes
Edward I 1272
Edward III 1376
Elizabeth, Queen of Edward IV 1492 Yes
Ely, James Standley Bishop of 1514
Engeham, Alanus 1458
Englefield, Sir Thomas 1537
Evyas, Theobald 1478
Exeter, Margaret Beaufort Duchess of 1458 (V. odd; she d. in 1424) Maybe
Exeter, Thomas Holland Duke of 1426 Thomas Beaufort Yes
Exeter, John Holland Duke of 1447 Yes
Exeter, Ann Holland Duchess of 1457 Yes
Exeter, Hugh Oldham Bishop of 1518
Fabyan, Robert 1511
Fagge, John 1495
Fagge, Simon 1534
Fane, John 1488
Fane, Thomas 1532
Fane, Henry 1533
Fane, Richard 1540
Fanhope, John Cornwall Lord 1443 Yes
Felbrigge, Sir Simon 1431
Fermour, alias Ricards, Thomas 1485
Ferrers, Margaret Lady 1374
Ferrers, of Wemme, Elizabeth Lady 1410
Ferrers, of Groby, William Lord 1360 Yes
Ferrers, Of Groby Warwick
Fielding, Sir Everard 1515
Fienes, Eleanor Lady 1509
Fienes, Sir Robert 1509
Fienes, Robert 1541
Fienes Dacre
Fienes Say
Finch, Henry 1494
Finch, Vincent 1524 Yes
Finderne, Sir William 1517
Fineux, Elizabeth Lady 1539
Fineux, Richard 1518
Fineux, William 1557
Fisher, Robert 1477
Fisher, Thomas, Clerk 1518
Fitz Herbert, Sir Edmund 1386
Fitz Hugh, Elizabeth Lady 1427 Yes
Fitz Hugh, Henry Lord 1424 Yes
Fitz James London
Fitz Piers West
Fitz Ralph Conyers
Fitz Walter, Walter Lord 1431 Yes
Fitz William, Sir Thomas 1494
Fitz William, William 1516
Fitz William, Sir William 1534 Yes
Fitz William Southampton
FitzAlan Arundel
FitzAlan Bergavenny
FitzAlan Peverell
Fitzwarine, Katherine Bourchier Lady 1466 Yes
Fitzwarine, Fulk Lord 1391 Yes
Fitzwarine, Fulk 1407 Yes
Fitzwarine, Fulke Lord 1475 Yes
Fogge, Sir John 1490
Fogge, Sir John 1533
Fogge, William 1535
Fouler, Richard 1477
Frampton, Walter 1388
Francis Salisbury
Frengham, Clement 1523
Frevyll, Robert 1521
Furnival, Thomas Lord 1406 Yes
Gloucester, Eleanor Duchess of 1399
Goddard, John 1454
Golafre, Sir John 1393
Goldingham, Sir Alexander 1408
Gorges, Sir Edmund 1581
Goringe, John 1520
Goseborne, Henry 1522
Goseborne, Richard, Clerk 1523
Gower, John (the Poet) 1408
Grace, John, Clerk 1460
Grandison, Sir Otho de 1350 Yes
Green, William 1456
Green Parr
Grenville, Richard 1419
Grenville, Eustace 1479
Grenville, Richard 1517
Grenville, Edward 1536
Grey, of Wilton, Richard Lord 1442 Yes
Grey, Sir Richard 1451
Grey, of Codnor, Henry Lord 1492 Yes
Grey, of Wilton, Edmund Lord 1511 Yes
Grey of Powys, Edward Lord 1544 (In T.V. but not index) Yes
Grey Dorset
Grey Fitz Hugh
Grey Lisle
Greystock, Elizabeth Lady 1509
Greystock, John Lord 1434 Yes
Hampden, Edmund 1419 Yes
Hampden, Thomas 1482 Yes
Hampton Wallop
Harington, Sir John 1417
Harvey, Sir George 1522
Hasleden, Anthony 1527
Hastings, Katherine Lady 1503 Yes
Hastings, Sir Leonard 1445 Yes
Hastings, William Lord 1481 Yes
Hastings, Sir Ralph 1495 Yes
Hastings, Edward Lord 1506 Yes
Hastings, Edward Lord 1556 Yes
Hastings, Sir Thomas 1558 Yes
Hastings Huntingdon
Hastings Lord Willoughby
Hastings Pembroke
Hatche, Henry 1533
Hatfield Durham
Haute, William 1462 Yes
Hayman, Ralph 1548
Henniker, Boniface 1551
Henry II 1182 Yes
Henry III 1253 Yes
Henry IV 1408 Yes
Henry V 1417 Yes
Henry VI 1448 Yes
Henry VII 1509 Yes
Henry VIII 1546 Yes
Herbert Pembroke
Hereford, Humphrey de Bohum Earl of 1361 Yes
Hereford, Humphrey de Bohun Earl of 1372 Yes
Herone, William, Lord Say 1404 Yes
Hillary, Sir Roger, Chief Justice 1356 Yes
Hoftoft, John 1443
Holland Exeter
Hollis, Sir William 1542
Honywood, John 1470
Honywood, Thomas 1473
Honywood, John 1558
Hoo and Hastings, Thomas Lord 1455 Yes
Horne, Thomas 1471
Horne, Henry 1504
Howard, Alice Lady 1426 Yes
Howard, John 1409
Howard, Sir Edward 1512 Yes
Howard L'Isle
Hungerford, Joan Lady 1411 Yes
Hungerford, Margaret Lady 1476 Yes
Hungerford, Walter Lord 1449 Yes
Hungerford, Robert Lord 1459 Yes
Huntingdon, Guichard de Angolesme Earl of 1380
Huntingdon, George Hastings Earl of 1534 Yes
Hussey, Elizabeth Lady 1504
Hussie Hungerford
Ingoldesthorp, Elizabeth Lady 1421
Ingoldesthorp, Sir John 1419
Ingoldesthorp, Thomas 1421 Yes
Ingswell, William 1506
Isham, Richard 1490
Itchingham Audley
John, King 1216 Yes
Juliers Kent
Kaleway, Sir William 1507
Katherine of Arragon, Queen of Henry VIII
Kebill, Thomas 1500
Kellawe Durham
Kempe, John 1460
Kent, Elizabeth Juliers Countess of 1411 Yes
Kent, Lucy Holland Countess of 1423 Yes
Kent, Margaret Grey Countess of 1540
Kent, Thos. Holland Earl of 1397 Yes
Kent Holland
Kingston, Bartholomew 1481
Kingston, Sir William KG 1539
Kirriel, Elizabeth Lady 1419
Kirriel, Cecily Lady 1472
Kirriel, John 1376
Knatchbull, John 1504
Knatchbull, Richard 1517
Knatchbull, Thomas 1524
Knatchbull, John 1537
Knollys, Robert 1520 Yes
Knowght, Joan 1459
Knyvet, Robert 1419
Knyvet, Thomas 1458
Knyvet, John 1476
Knyvet, William 1514 Yes
Knyvet, Sir Edward 1528 Yes
Kyrnell, Joan 1506
L'Engleys Ughtred
L'Isle, Joan Grey Viscountess 1500 Yes
L'Isle, Muriel Grey Viscountess 1512 Yes
La Warr Warr
Lacy, Peter de 1375
Lancaster, Henry Plantagenet, Duke of 1360 Yes
Lancaster, John Plantagenet Duke of 1397 Yes
Landaff, Miles Salley Bishop of 1516
Lane, Sir Ralph 1540
Langford, Sir William 1411
Latham, Richard 1502
Latimer, Ann Lady 1402
Latimer, Elizabeth Lady 1480
Latimer, William Lord 1380 Yes
Latimer, Sir Thomas 1401
Latimer, John Neville Lord 1542 Yes
Launde, Sir Robert 1367
Launde, Sir Thomas de la 1507
Leeke, Sir John 1522
Lenthall, William 1495
Lisle, Edward Grey Viscount 1492 Yes
London, Richard FitzJames Bishop of 1518
Longespee Salisbury
Lovaine, Sir Nicholas 1375 Yes
Lovel and Holland, John Lord 1408 Yes
Lovell, Sir Thomas KG 1522 Yes
Lovell Arundel
Lovett, Thomas 1492
Lovett, Thomas 1543
Lucy, Sir Walter 1444 Yes
Lychefelde, William, Clerk 1517
Lyons, Margaret 1396
Lyttleton, Sir Thomas, Chief Justice 1481 Yes
Lyttleton, Sir William 1507 Yes
Lyttleton, John 1532
Machell, Guy 1536
Maltravers, Ann Lady 1374 Yes
Manners Roos
Manners Rutland
Manney, Walter Lord 1371 Yes
March, Philippa de Mortimer, Countess of 1378 Yes
March, Edmund de Mortimer Earl of 1380
Marney, Bridget Lady 1549
Marney, Sir William 1414 Yes
Marney, Sir Thomas 1417 Yes
Marney, Henry Lord 1523 Yes
Marney, John Lord 1524 Yes
Marriott, Thomas, Clerk 1509
Marshal Pembroke
Marshall Pembroke
Marten, John 1533
Martin, Katherine 1495
Martin Richard, Bishop of St David's 1498
Martyn, Thomas 1539
Mauley, Maud Lady 1438
Maynard, John 1546
Maynard, John 1556
Menys, John, Clerk 1550
Middleton, John 1511
Mignell Clinton
Mohum Salisbury
Mohum York
Molence, Ann Lady 1487 Yes
Molines, Margery Lady 1439 Yes
Molynton, Sir Thomas 1408
Montacute, John Lord 1388 Yes
Montacute, Thomas Dean of Salisbury 1404 Yes
Montacute, Sir Edward, Chief Justice 1554
Montacute March
Montagu Exeter
Monteagle, Edward Stanley Lord 1524
Montfort, Sir Peter 1367
Montgomery, Sir Thomas 1489
Montjoy, Walter Blount, Lord 1474 Yes
Montjoy, John Blount Lord 1485 Yes
Montjoy, William Blount Lord 1534
Montjoy, Charles Blount Lord 1544
Monyn, Simon 1471
Monyngs, Edward 1548
Monyngs, John 1554
Mordaunt, Sir John 1504
Mordaunt, William 1517
Morley, Cecily Lady 1386 Yes
Morley, William Lord 1379 Yes
Morley Yelverton
Mortimer 1369 Warwick
Mortimer, John 1505
Mortimer March
Mortimer Pembroke
Mowbray Norfolk
Moyle, Lady Margaret 1491 Yes
Moyle, Sir Walter 1479 Yes
Mussenden, Thomas 1402
Mylls, Margaret 1558
Mylsent, William 1523
Nevill, Jane Lady 1470 (or Joan) Yes
Nevill, Sir John 1449
Nevill, William 1498
Nevill, Richard 1551
Nevill Bergavenny
Nevill Buckingham
Nevill Exeter
Nevill Hastings
Nevill Mauley
Nevill Salisbury
Nevill Scrope
Nevill York
Nevyson, Dr Christopher 1551
Newburgh, John 1485
Newburgh, Sir Roger 1514 Yes
Norfolk, Margaret Howard Duchess of 1490 Yes
Norfolk, Elizabeth Howard, Duchess of 1472 (T.V. date wrong)
Norfolk, Roger Bigot Earl of 1258
Norfolk, John Mowbray Duke of 1432 Yes
Norfolk, Thomas Howard, Duke of 1520 Yes
Norreys, William 1486
Northumberland, Katherine Percy Countess of 1542
Northwood, Sir John 1378 Yes
Northwood Scales
Norton, William 1468
Norwich, Thomas Percy Bishop of 1368 Yes
Nothampton, Elizabeth de Bohun Countess of 1356 Yes
Oldham Exeter
Onslow, Thomas 1556
Ormond, James Butler Earl of 1379 Yes
Ormond, Thomas Butler Earl of 1515 Yes
Osborne, Thomas 1534
Owen, Sir David 1529
Oxenbridge, William 1504 Yes
Oxford, Maud Countess of 1412 Yes
Oxford, Elizabeth Vere Countess of 1537 Yes
Oxford, John Vere Earl of 1358 Yes
Oxford, Thomas Vere Earl of 1371 Yes
Oxford, Richard Vere Earl of 1415 Yes
Oxford, John Vere Earl of 1509 Yes
Paris, Henry 1423
Paris, Henry 1466
Parr, Maud Lady 1529 Yes
Parr, Sir Thomas 1517 Yes
Paston, William 1444
Paulett, Sir Amias 1538
Paveley, Sir Walter 1379
Pelham, Sir John 1457
Pelham, William 1503 Yes
Pelham, Sir William 1538
Pelham, Sir Nicholas 1559
Pembroke, Agnes Hastings Countess of 1367 Yes
Pembroke, Mary de St Paul Countess of 1376 Yes
Pembroke, William Marshall Earl of 1219
Pembroke, John Hastings, Earl of 1372
Pembroke, John Hastings, Earl of 1374 Yes
Pembroke, William Herbert Earl of 1469 Yes
Percy Buckingham
Percy Ferrers
Percy Norwich
Perrers alias Piers Windsor
Pette, Reginald 1456
Petytt, Christopher 1505
Phelip Bardolf Yes
Pickering, Sir William 1542
Pickering, William 1542
Pigott, John 1464
Pigott, Thomas 1520
Pinchbeck, Richard 1495
Plantagenet Bedford
Plantagenet Lancaster, Clarence, York
Plantagenet Stafford
Plessington, Sir Henry 1452
Pole De La Pole
Pole, De La Suffolk
Ponsonby, Roger, Clerk 1554
Ponte, William 1471
Poole, Geoffrey 1474 Yes
Poynings, Joan Lady 1369 Yes
Poynings, Isabel Lady 1528
Poynings, Sir Michael 1368 Yes
Poynings, Thomas Lord 1374
Poynings, Richard, Lord 1387 Yes
Poynings, Sir Richard 1428 Yes
Poynings, Sir Edward 1521
Poynings Bardolf
Preston, Richard 1521
Pusey, John 1506
Radclyffe, Sir Robert 1498 Yes
Ramsey, Thomas 1509
Restwolde, Robert 1497
Ricards, alias Fermour, Thomas 1485
Richard II 1399 Yes
Riche, Richard 1463
Riche, Thomas 1471
Richmond, Margaret Tudor Countess of 1508 Yes
Ringley, Sir Edward 1543
Rivers, Antony Woodville Earl 1483 Yes
Rivers, Richard Woodville Earl 1490 Yes
Robesart, William 1485
Roches, Willielmi Lady 1410 Yes
Rodes, Sir Robert 1518
Roos, Margery Lady 1477 Yes
Roos, William Lord 1412 Yes
Roos, George Manners Lord 1513 Yes
Roos Zouche
Roose, Thomas 1489
Roper, John 1401
Roper, John 1487
Roper, Stephen 1491
Roper, Thomas 1492
Roper, John 1527
Roper, Joan 1544
Rutland, Thomas Manners Earl of 1542 Yes
Sackville, Sir Thomas 1432
St. Amand, Alianore Lady 1426 Yes
St. Amand, Almaric Lord 1400 Yes
St. Amand, William Beauchamp Lord 1457 Yes
St. Amand, Richard Beauchamp Lord 1508
St. David's, Richard Martin Bishop of 1492
St. John, Joan Lady 1385
St. John, Thomas Lord 1428 Yes
St. John, Edward 1458
St. John, Oliver 1496 Yes
St. John, Sir John 1524 Yes
St. Laudo, Margaret Courtenay Lady 1411 Yes
St. Leger, Joan 1359
St. Lo St. Maur
St. Maur, Ela Lady 1409 Yes
St. Maur, John 1485
St. Nicholas, Sir Thomas 1375
St. Nicholas, John 1462
St. Paul Pembroke
Salisbury, Elizabeth Montacute Countess of 1414 Yes
Salisbury, Maud Montacute Countess of 1423 Yes
Salisbury, William Montacute Earl of 1397 Yes
Salisbury, Thomas Montacute, Earl of 1428 Yes
Salisbury, Richard Nevill, Earl of 1458 Yes
Salisbury, William de Longespe Earl of (temp H. III)
Salisbury Montacute
Salley Landaff
Salvain, Roger 1420
Salvain, Gerard 1422
Sandford, Ughtred
Sandys, Sir William 1493
Sandys, Robert 1509
Sandys, George 1548
Sapcoate, Isabel Lady 1493
Sapcoate, Sir John 1507
Sapcoate, Sir Richard 1543
Saunders, Edward 1514
Savage, Eleanor Lady 1374
Savage, Joan Lady 1412
Say, Maud de Dame 1369 Yes
Say, Annes Lady 1478 Yes
Say, Sir William 1375
Say, William Heron, Lord 1404
Say, James Fienes Lord 1449 Yes
Scales, Joan Lady 1414 Yes
Scales, Roger Lord 1385 Yes
Scales, Robert Lord 1400 Yes
Scot, Thomas 1533
Scrope, Margaret Lady 1431 Yes
Scrope, Ann Lady 1498 Yes
Scrope, of Upsal, Elizabeth Lady 1518 Yes
Scrope, of Bolton, Richard Lord 1401 Yes
Scrope, of Bolton, Roger Lord 1403 Yes
Scrope, Sir Stephen 1405 Yes
Scrope, of Bolton, Richard Lord 1420 Yes
Scrope, of Upsal, John Lord 1451 Yes
Scrope, of Bolton, John Lord 1494 Yes
Scrope, John Esq 1544
Scrope Oxford
Segrave, Sir John 1352
Selly, Cecily 1472
Sheffield, Sir Robert 1518
Sherard, Geoffrey 1492
Shirley, John 1485
Shirley, Ralph 1509
Shirley, Sir Ralph 1513
Shrewsbury, George Talbot Earl of 1537
Sixtine, John, Clerk 1518
Skevington, Thomas 1544
Somerset, John Beaufort Earl of 1409 Yes
Sondes, William 1473
Southampton, William FitzWilliam Earl of 1542 Yes
Spencer, Henry 1476
Spencer, John 1496
Sprot, John, Clerk 1461
Stafford, Elizabeth Lady 1405
Stafford, Ann Countess of 1438 Yes
Stafford, Hugh Stafford Earl of 1385 Yes
Stafford, Sir Humphrey 1442
Stafford, Sir Harry 1471 Yes
Stafford Buckingham
Stafford Cobham
Stafford Devon
Stafford Wiltshire
Stanhope Willoughby
Stanley Derby
Stanley Ely
Stanley Monteagle
Stapylton, Sir Gilbert 1490
Stourton, John 1438 Yes
Stourton, John Lord 1484
Stourton, William Lord 1548
Strange, Constance Lady (of Knockyn) 1438 Yes
Strange, Sir Roger le 1505
Stratton Andrews
Strickland, Sir Thomas 1430
Suffolk, Isabel d'Ufford, Countess of 1416 Yes
Suffolk, Margaret de la Pole Duchess of 1515 Yes
Suffolk, Robert Ufford Earl of 1368 Yes
Suffolk, William Ufford Earl of 1381
Suffolk, Michael de la Pole, Earl of 1415 Yes
Suffolk, William de la Pole Marquess of 1449 Yes
Suffolk, Charles Brandon Duke of 1544
Swillington, Margaret Lady 1418 Yes
Swillington, Sir Robert 1391 Yes
Swillington, Roger de 1417 Yes
Swillington, Ralph 1525
Swinburn, Sir Robert 1421
Syday, Richard 1524
Sydney, Nicholas 1512 Yes
Talbot, Jane Lady 1505 Yes
Talbot, Sir Humphrey 1492 Yes
Talbot, Nicholas 1501
Talbot, Edmund 1506
Talbot, Giles, Clerk 1523
Talbot, Sir Gilbert 1542
Talbot Shrewsbury
Talboys, Sir Robert 1494
Talboys Greystock
Tate, Margaret Lady 1517
Tate, John 1514
Taunk, Sir William, Chief Baron 1375
Tayllard, Alice 1513
Tayllard, William 1505
Tendering Howard
Tenham, William 1480
Teryingham, John 1484
Teryingham, John 1501
Thorpe, Sir Robert, Lord Chancellor 1372
Thorpe Scales
Throckmorton, Sir John 1445 Yes
Throckmorton, Sir Robert 1520 Yes
Thurlow, Hugh 1519
Tilley, Richard 1485
Tiptoft Scrope
Toste, Master Robert 1457
Townley, Richard 1522
Townshend, Sir Roger 1403
Trally, Sir John 1400
Trethurffe, Thomas 1528
Trussel, Sir William 1379
Tudenham, Sir Thomas 1461
Tudor Richmond
Tufton, Nicholas 1538
Turville, John 1506
Twiford, Robert 1372
Twisden, Roger 1464 Yes
Twisden, Thomas 1521
Twisden, Roger 1536 Yes
Twisden, William 1539 Yes
Tylney Norfolk
Tyrrell, Humphrey 1507
Tyrrell, Sir John 1531
Tyrrold, Robert 1545
Ufford Oxford
Ufford Suffolk
Ughtred, Idonea 1419
Upton, Felice 1548
Upton, Robert 1543
Vache, Sir Philip le 1407 Yes
Vaux, William 1368
Vaux, Nicholas Lord 1523
Vere, Henry 1493
Vere, Sir George 1503 Yes
Vere Cobham
Vere Oxford
Verney, Sir Ralph 1478
Verney, Edmund 1495
Verney, Sir John 1525
Vescy, Henry Blomflete Lord 1466 Yes
Villiers, Christopher 1537
Villiers, Sir John 1544
Villiers, Sir John 1544
Vincent, Agnes 1519 (1619 in T.V. index)
Wake, Roger 1504
Wake, Ann 1504
Waldegrave, Sir Richard 1401
Waldegrave, Sir William 1525 Yes
Waldegrave, George 1528 Yes
Wales, Joan Princess of 1385 Yes
Wales, Edward Prince of 1376 Yes
Wallop, Elizabeth 1505
Wallop, Sir Robert 1529
Wallop, Sir John, KG 1551 Yes
Walpole, Henry 1442
Walpole, Thomas 1512
Walpole, John 1557
Ward, John, Clerk 1522
Warde, John 1507
Warr, La, Eleanor West Lady 1536 Yes
Warr, La, Roger Lord 1368 Yes
Warr, La, Thomas West Lord 1524 Yes
Warwick, Katherine de Beauchamp Countess of 1369 Yes
Warwick, Margaret Beauchamp Countess of 1406 Yes
Warwick, Isabel Beauchamp Countess of 1439 Yes
Warwick, William de Beauchamp Earl of 1296
Warwick, Guy de Beauchamp Earl of 1315
Warwick, Thomas Beauchamp Earl of 1369 Yes
Warwick, Thomas Beauchamp Earl of 1400 Yes
Warwick, Richard Beauchamp, Earl of 1435 Yes
Washbourne Wyndham
Water, William, Clerk 1508
Webbys, Bennett 1508
Welles, Elizabeth Lady 1470 Yes
Welles, Joan Hastings Lady 1504 (1505 in T.V. index) Yes
Welles, John Viscount 1498 Yes
Wenlock, John 1447
Wentworth, Sir Henry 1499 Yes
Wentworth Roos
West, Alice Lady 1395 Yes
West, Thomas Lord 1405 Yes
West, Sir Thomas 1415 Yes
West, Sir Owen 1551 Yes
West La Warr
Whiche, Sir Maurice 1383
Wich, Richard de la, alias Chandos Bichop of Chichester 1258
Wilcocks, John 1506
Willoughby, Maud Lady 1497 Yes
Willoughby, Robert Lord 1395 Yes
Willoughby, Robert Lord 1452 Yes
Willoughby, of Eresby Christopher Lord 1498 Yes
Willoughby, Richard Hastings Lord 1501 Yes
Willoughby, de Broke Robert Lord 1502
Willoughby, Robert Lord 1521 Yes
Willoughby, William Lord 1526
Willynson, John 1506
Wilmott, Thomas, Clerk 1493
Wiltshire, Edward Stafford Earl of 1498 Yes
Winchester, William de Wykeham Bishop of 1402
Windsor, Alice Lady 1400
Windsor, William Lord 1384
Windsor, Thomas 1479 Yes
Windsor, Andrews Lord 1543 Yes
Windsor, Sir Thomas 1552
Windsor, William Lord 1558 Yes
Wingfield, Sir Robert 1452 Yes
Wingfield Brandon
Witleburie, Robert 1506
Woodmancie, Thomas 1506
Worcester, Charles Beaufort Earl of 1524 Yes
Worth, Sir John 1391
Wyche, Alice Lady 1474 Yes
Wykeham, William de, Bishop of Winchester 1402
Wyndham, Eleanor Lady 1505
Wyndham, Sir Thomas 1521
Yelverton, Margery 1503
Yelverton, William 1541
Yonge, John, Dean 1516
York, Isabel of Castile Duchess of 1392 Yes
York, Philippa Plantagenet Duchess of 1430 Yes
York, Cecily Plantagenet Duchess of 1495 Yes
York, Edmund Plantagenet Duke of 1400 Yes
York, Edward Plantagenet Duke of 1415 Yes
Younge, John 1458
Zouche, Elizabeth Lady 1408 Yes
Zouche, Joan Lady 1439
Zouche, William Lord, of Haryngworth 1466
Zouche, John Lord 1525 Yes

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