NameHermigio Mendes de Azevedo [99, Francisco Doria, 3.4.2004, "Ribaldouro - Sotomayor"], 26G Grandfather
GeneralLiving 1121.
Notes for Hermigio Mendes de Azevedo
Francisco Doria goes on to provide further ancestors of Hermigio but I am becoming cautious about including so many of these without substantial documentation. He offers, from the earliest:

1. Abunazar Lovesendes (att. 978) = Unisco Godins.
Following the
theory propounded by Chico, he may be of Muslim
(Ummayad?) ancestry.

2. [Fromarico] 'Cide' Abunazar = NN

3. Toderedo Fromariques 'Cid' or Trutesendo Abunazar (att. 1040 / 1070)
= Faregia Forjaz, d. of Froia [Froila, Fruela] Osoredes (she att. 1069)

4. Ausenda [Adosinda] Todereis (att. 1092) = Nuno Soares 'Velho', of the Baião family.

5. Gontinha (att. 1108) = Paio Godins 'de Azevedo' (br. of Baião family).

6. Mendo Pais 'Roufino / Bofinho' (att. 1117, 1121) = Sancha Pais (d. of
Paio Curvo or __ de Toronho).

Additionally he went on to comment:

From: (=?iso-8859-1?q?Francisco=20Antonio=20Doria?=)
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Subject: Maia
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 10:58:34 +0000 (UTC)

The full text of the book is ready in the preliminary, rough version, some 100 LaTeX-formatted pages. I still have to revise it (textual corrections) and add
footnotes, mainly translations of some 10-th century documents.

(The many `I's below mean the following: despite the fact that I had lots of help from Marshall and Nat, not to forget Brazilian and Portuguese friends like
Luis KW, Manuel Soveral and Manoel Cesar Furtado, a debt which I very gratefully acknowledge, I'm the sole responsible for eventual and possible mistakes.)

I claim that the individual that appears in two documents dated 967 and 968 as Nazeron ibn Leodesindo ibn Firhi [I discuss the signatures, because there is Lazeron Leodesindo ibn Firhi next to Nazeron ibn Teodesindo] is the first Lord of Maia. I also show that, if he was Zahadon's grandson, then the family
had already important land holdings in the north, where they are seen after 978. There is no doubt that Zahadon was an Ummayad, for me.

I also claim that the name ``Abu Nazar'' is very likely a later *kunya* name, since the only (999) contemporary document that mentions someone from the
Maia family insistently and consistently refers to Leouesendo Abenazar [Leodesindo ibn Nazar]. The *kunya* name is aptly translated as ``padre de muy boa fidalguía'' in the LL.

I then identify Firhi to the Hasanid Firhi in the 1006/7 document (the original Firhi is the semi-mythical Quraysh ancestor). I supplement this
identification with the quote on ``the King of Morocco'' in the LL version of the legend, and see it as trying to explain the totally unwarranted legendary
descent from Ramiro II.

Why am I waiting? To put it bluntly: for political reasons. This is a book on a major question in medieval genealogy, but it has obvious political
implications, as it will assert that nearly everyone of Spanish or Portuguese descent is descended from Prophet Muhammad. I'm an agnostic myself - I have a PhD in math phys, and am very active in the field - and politically left-leaning; therefore I'm quite concerned about the book's implications, given the current international state of affairs. I would like
to have it strictly confined within the bounds of history and genealogy, but for the moment see no way out of this conundrum.

Then on 13 Dec 2004, Nat taylor provided a preliminary documentationplus some more information:

From: Nathaniel Taylor <>
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Subject: Abunazar to Sancha de Ayala: another line
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 07:03:15 GMT

Recently I have been looking further into the poetry and connections of
Sancha de Ayalaıs troubadour ancestor, Pero Gomes Barroso.

A while back Chico & I worked out one line from Chico's favorite,
Abunazar Lovesendes, to Sancha de Ayala, via Pero Gomes Barroso's wife;
it was posted here over a year ago (I've added paragraph-level citations
to the _Livro de Linhagens do conde don Pedro_ (Lisboa, 1980), or to the
Livro Velho or Livro de Deao (Lisboa, 1980); or to the genealogies in
Mattosoıs AEM article "A nobreza rural portuense...", reprinted in _A
nobreza medieval portuguesa_, (Lisboa, 1981)):

1. Abunazar Lovesendes = Unisco Godinhes [Mattoso VI.A]
2. [Fromarico] 'Cide' Abunazar = NN [Mattoso VI.A.4.e; II.e.]
3. Toderedo Fromariques 'Cid' = Faregia Forjaz, d. of Froia [Froila,
Fruela] Osoredes [Mattoso II.E]
4. Ausenda [Adosinda] Todereis = Nuno Soares 'Velho', of the Baião
[Mattoso II.F; LL 42.A.3]
5. Gontinha = Paio Godins 'de Azevedo' [Mattoso II.F.4, LL 52.A.2]
6. Mendo Pais Bofinho = Sancha Pais (d. of Paio Curvo). [LL 52.A.3]
7. Hermigio (Ermildo) Mendes de Azevedo = Elvira Viegas (dau. of an Egas
Moniz?) [this generation skipped in LL; corrected by Chico earlier]
8. Pedro Hermiges de Azevedo (= Velasquita Rodrigues, who was not mother
of 9) [LL 52.A.4]
9. Fernan Pires de Azevedo = NN [no wife assigned in LV, 52.A.4, or
10. Chamoa Fernandez de Azevedo = Pero Gomes Barroso [LL 30.A.3, AJ.4]
11. Fernan Perez Barroso = Mencia Garcia de Sotomayor
12. Sancha Fernandez Barroso = Pero Lopez de Ayala
13. Fernan Perez de Ayala = Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos
14. Ines de Ayala = Diego Gomez
15. Sancha de Ayala

Well, I was poking around in the Livros de Linhagens and found another
one, which doesn't seem to have been posted at that time. It is one
generation shorter, and has only one difficult point.

1. Abunazar Lovesendes = Unisco Godinhes [Mattoso VI.A]
2. Trastemiro Abunazar = Dordia Suares [Mattoso VI.B]
3. Gonçalo Trastemires = Unisco Sisnandes [Mattoso VI.C]
4. Gotinha = Egas Gomez de Sousa [Mattoso VI.C.3; LL 22.A.7; 22.D.7]
5. Mem Viegas de Sousa = Elvira Fernandez [LL 22.D.8]
6. Chamoa Mendez = Gomez Mendez Guedano [LL 22.D.8; 30.A.1]
7. Egas Gomez = Urraca Vasquez dıAmbia [LL 30.A.2]
8. Gomez Viegas de Basto [LL 30.A.3]
9. Pero Gomes Barroso = Chamoa Fernandez de Azevedo [LL 30.A.3, AJ.4]
10. Fernan Perez Barroso = Mencia Garcia de Sotomayor
11. Sancha Fernandez Barroso = Pero Lopez de Ayala
12. Fernan Perez de Ayala = Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos
13. Ines de Ayala = Diego Gomez
14. Sancha de Ayala

The one uncertainty is that the wife of Egas Gomes de Sousa is placed in
three different generations of the Trastemiro Abunazar (Maia) family by
the three early Livros de linhagens. The LL repeats confidently that she
was daughter of the great Goncalo Mendez, 'o Lidador', but this is
chronologically impossible. Mattoso places her, following the earlier
Livro de Deao, three generations earlier, as daughter of Goncalo
Trastemires (great-grandfather of the Lidador). But the livros all agree
she was from this kindred.

There are some interesting tidbits lurking here. Elvira Fernandez (gen.
5) is daughter of a Fernando Alfonso de Toledo, "who was a Moor, and the
king dom Alfonso [sc. Alfonso VI?] made him Christian because he was an
honored man and of great company; and was his godfather; and married him
to Urraca Gonzalez, dau. of Gonzalo Viegas de Marnel" [LL 22.D.8;
43.B.3]. The Marnel are found in part IX of Mattoso's article.

The maternal grandfather of Egas Gomes de Sousa (gen. 4) is said to be
one Munio Fernandez de Toro, "who was illegitimate son of king Fernando,
father of the Emperor" [i.e. Fernando el Magno, father of Alfonso VI]
[LL 22.A.6]. I haven't looked into this, but assume it's bogus.

I'm sorry the people listed above lack any identifying dates or
attestations. I'm putting together a Sancha ahnentafel which has as
much as I can glean on each person, in some cases filling out a
chronology and at least a couple of verifiable details. Hopefully a
draft will make the rounds sometime this winter.

Nat Taylor

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