Birthca 1432
ChildrenEdward (1470-1521)
 Alice (ca1481-ca1536)
 Griseld (-1498)
Notes for Sir Henry Belknap
Aug 2006, TFPL: Hasted, in his History of Kent, Vol II, pp. 115-6, says that Ann, sister of Sir Edward Belknap who dsp, inherited the manor of Seintlyng in St Mary Cray as one of her brother’s co-heirs. Hasted also says that Sir Edward was the grandson of Hamon Belknap.

CP gives her father as Sir Henry Belknap. CP also says that his son William was the heir to Hamon.

This makes Ann and Edward both to be Grandchildren of Hamon and thus Henry to be the father of both of them. Henry must have been a younger son of Hamon, though he must have been the eldest with children as SeintLyng went through Henry’s grandchildren.

The above reasoning may be based on false information in Hasted but it sounds good enough for the moment.

However there are also Alice and Elizabeth, said by ... to be co-heirs of a Henry Belknap. It sounds likely that they were siblings to Ann and Edward. But as yet there is no reference to confirm this. If they are confirmed, then Henry becomes an ancestor.

Various people have reported that he m. Margaret dau. of Richard Knollys but again there is no evidence for this.

Reading through the Belknap references in ODNB, there is an article for Sir William Shelley who marrried Alice Belknap, dau. of Henry B. who d, 1488 and sister of Sir Edward B. (1479-1521) and WS eventually inherited one fourth of the Belknap estates. This clearly puts Alice in as a daughter of this Sir Henry Belknap, so that change has now been made, 13 Aug 2006.

The article on Sir Anthony Cooke is not so clear-cut but I have decided that the probabilities are extremely high that “his maternal grandfather Henry Belknap” was indeed this chappie. So Elizabeth Belknap, wife of Philip Cooke, has been brought into the fold as well.

Oct 2008, TFPL: Chris Phillips has found Brent J Belnap’s excellent site on the family of Sir Robert Belknap: http://www.belnapfamily.org/ . He clearly includes Margaret Knollys as Henry’s wife, so I’ve added her in. Her father was probably Richard Knollys, b. 1414 and her gt-grandfather may well have been Thomas Knollys who was mayor of London in 1400, Further details and evidence are being sought.
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