ChildrenEdward (1459-1521)
Death3 Dec 1483, Executed in London
BurialBlackfriars, Ludgate, London
General1st s. Of Beechworth castle. Sheriff of Kent: 1481. Aided H. VII (when he was Richmond).
FatherSir Thomas Browne (1414-1460)
ChildrenMatthew (1473-1557)
Notes for Elizabeth Paston
Burke Commoners, and extinct peers for Montague, says she was widow of Richard Lord Poynings. CP is clear that her husband was Robert Poynings, 2nd or 3rd son of Robt, 4th baron.

Adrian Channings says she was widow of Robert Poynings who d. 17 Feb 1460/1 at the battle of St Albans.

DNB agrees that it was Robert Poynings who d. 1461. Their son Sir Ed. Poynings even has a DNB article.
Will notes for Elizabeth Paston
The xviijth day of the moneth of May in the yere of oure Lord God mlcccclxxxvij and in the secund yere of the reign of King Henry the vij I, Dame Elisabeth, late wife of Sir George Brown, knyght, being of hoole mynde and in good memorye, thanked be Allmyghty God, make and ordeign this my present testament and last will yn maner and fourme folowing, that is to say:

first, I bequeith my soul to Allmyghty God, our Lady Saint Mary, and to all the holy company of hevon, and my body to be buried withyn the churche of the Blak Freris within Ludgate, with my forsaid housband Sir George; to the whiche place I bequeith xxj li. for my said housbandes soul and myne, our fadres and modres soules, and for all Cristen soules to be praid for; and for xiij trentalles of Saint Gregory to be said and songyn for us and thaym by the freris of the said place, as in diriges and masses with all other obseruaunces belongyng to the same in maner and fourme folowing, that is to wete: in the day or morow after my discesse vij trentallis, and euery weke folowing vnto my monthes mynde oon trentall, and iij trentalles at my monthes mynde biside the solempne dirige and masse that is to be requyred for me at that tyme. And I charge myne executours to see that the premisses be done and perfourmed, and also the said freris to feche me from the place where I die vnto thair said place where I haue lymyted afore to be buried.

Also, I wull that, as sone as my body is buryed and th'expenses therof done and paid, that myn executours provide and see that my dettes be contented and paid.

Also, I bequeith to the vicare of the churche of Dorking in the county of Surré for my forsaid housbandes soul and myne, oure faders and modres, and for all the soules that we be bound vnto to be praid for within the yere after my discesse, as in diriges and masses to be said or song by hym or his deputie, and to haue us specially in remembraunce in thayr memento by oon hole yere, xx s. also, I bequeith to the reparacion of the forsaid churche of Dorking xx s.

Also, I bequeith to the parson of Saint Albans in Wodstrete within London, for diriges and masses to be said or song by hym or his deputie in like wise as the vicar of Dorking is charged as is afore rehersed, xxs.

Also, I bequeith to the reparacion of the stepull of the said churche of Saint Albans xx solid.
Also, I bequeith to the prisoners of Newgate, Ludgate, Kinges Benche, and Mershallsee, to euery of those places, to be praid for, xx d.

Also, I bequeith to bedred folkes and other poure housholders, aswell men as women, dwelling within London and without in the suburbis of the same, and moste specially souche as haue knowen me and I thaym, xl s., as by the discrecions and advises of myne executours it shall be thought best to be done.

Moreouer, I geue and biqueith to my doughter Mary, to the promocion of her mariage, all my plate and other juelles, with all myne hole apparell and all my stuff of houshold being within my dwelling place or any other within the citee of London or suburbes of the same, that is to say: first a standing cupp of siluer gilt chaced with plompes, weyeng with the cover, knopp, and devise xlij vnces and di.; jtem, a standing cupp of siluer and gilt chaced with flowres, weying with the cover, the knopp, and devise xxvij vnc. and di.; a playn standing cupp of siluer gilt, weing with the cover, the knopp, and the devise xxx vnc.; a standing cupp of siluer and gilt chaced with half plompes, weying with the cover, knopp, and devise xx vnc. and di.; a playn standing cupp of siluer gilt, weying with cover and the knoppe and the deuyse xxvij vnces and an half; a standing cuppe of siluer and gilt, weying with the couer, the knoppe and the deuyse xxvj vnces; a saltseler of syluer and gilte, weying with the couer, the knoppe, and the deuyse xxiij vnces; a saltseler of syluer and gilt without a couer weying xxij vnces and an halfe; a litill saltseler of syluer and gilt, weying with the cover and the knoppe and the deuyse xv vnces and an half; a litell saltseler of syluer and gilt without the couer weyng viij vnces and an halfe; and vj bolles of syluer parcelles gilt weyng iiijxx xviij vnces; and ij peces of syluer with a couer weyng xlviij vnces; a dosen and a half of siluer sponys weying xxiij vnces; and iij sponys of syluer and gilt weying iij vnces and iij quartrons; and a long spone of syluer and gilt for ginger weying j vnce and iij quartrons; jtem, a chafing disshe of syluer weying xxvj vnces; and two litell crewettes of syluer weying viij vnces; a chalese of syluer and gilt with the paten weying xj vnces; an haly water stok of siluer with the lid, handill, and spryngill weying xij vnces; an Agnus with a baleys, iij saphires, iij perlys, with an jmage of Saint Antony apon it; and a tablet with the Salutacion of Our Lady and the iij Kingis of Collayn; a bee with a grete perle, a dyamond, an emerawde, iij grete perlys hanging apon the same; a-nother bee with a grete perle with an emerawde and a saphire weying ij vnces iij quarters; a pece of the Holy Crosse, crossewise made, bordured with siluer aboute; iij brode girdilles, oone of tawny silke with bokill a[nd] pendaunt, a-nother of purpill with bokyll and pendaunt, and the iijde of purpill damaske with bokell and pendaunt and vj barres of siluer and gilt; and iij brode harnysed girdilles, oone white
tisshew, a-nother red tysshewe gold, and the iijde a playne grene coorse; a muskeball of gold weying halfe an vnce; and ij bokilles and two pendauntes of gold, oone playne and the other pomisyd, weying an vnce and a quarter; and a harnysed girdill enameled with rowsclare weying halfe an vnce; a dymysoynt with a rubye and an amatyste weying j vnce and an halfe; an harnysed girdill of golde of Damaske, with a long pendaunt and a bokill of golde chekkyd, weying j vnce; a grete bed of a-state of verdure and a counterpoynt to the same; and iiij curteyns of grene tartron; a grete federbed; a bolstere; and vj fetherbeddys ouer-woren; vj bolsters; and iiij mattarasses lytyll ouer-woren; xij pellowes of downe; v newe carpettys of ij ellys in lengeth and yarde and halfe brode; iij fyne pelow beres; and a grete counterpoynt of tapstery werk of v yardes and a quarter longe and iiij yardes brode; a hanging for a chamber of grene say borduryd with acrons of xxxv yerdes longe; a whyte spervyour; ij counterpoyntes; an hanging bed with a lyon thereapon and the valence white, grene, and red, and iiij blew courtens to the same; and two couerlettes with lyons; a blak testour for a bed with iiij blak curtens and vj pecys of blak hanging to the same; ij cusshens of blak velvet; a cusshyn of blak damask; a cusshen of grene worstede; a long cusshen of blewe saten figure; a blak coueryng for a bed of borde Alisaunder; and xj peces of grene saye borduryd with acorns to hang with a chambre; a vestment of blak velwet with orfrayes browderyd with my saide husbondys armes and myne; an awbe; j chesyppill with a stole and all that belongeth therto; ij corporas casys of cloth of gold; j olde vestment; an awbe; an awter clothe wyth the jmage of 3our Lorde; a corporas case of blewe cloth of golde, a-nother of blewe saten and russet; an awter clothe of staynyd werke; and iij stenyd clothes with jmagis in them to hang a chapell; ij awter clothes of white sylke with red crosses; and ij curtens with white frengis and red; and iiij curtens, ij of rayed sarsenet and two of grene; an awter clothe; a litell pece of grene tartron; a payer of fustyans of iiij breddys iij yerdys iij quarters long; a paire of fyne shetys ouerworne of iiij yerdes brede; an hede shete; and iij payer of newe shetys of iij levis of iij ellys and an half long; and two payer of shetys of ij levis and an half long; and iij hedshetys of ij bredys; and vj paiere of shetys ouer-worne of ij levis; and vj paier of houshold shetis; and two paier of wollen blankettes; and a violet gowne furryd with martrons; a blak gowne furryd with gray; a blak gowne furryd with white; a blak gowne furryd with ma[r]trons; and a nyght gowne of blak furryd with martrons; a kirtill of tawny chamlet; a purfill of ermyns of ij skynne depeth and iij yardys and an half long; a purfill of martrons of j skynne deppeth and iiij yardis long; a purfill of shankes of ij skynne deppeth and iiij yardis long; a bonet of poudred ermyns;and a pece of cloth of golde with dropis which was of a duplade; and a dosen of diaper napkyns of floure delyce
werke and crownes; and a dosen and a half of naptkyns of playne clothe with blew pelowers; and a pece of clothe of diaper werke to make with a dosen naptkyns; a bordecloth of floure delice werk and crownes of x yardis and an half long and iij yardis brode; and a-nother bordecloth of floure delyce werk and crownes viij yardes and a half long, ij yardes and a quarter brode; a towell of diaper of flower delice werke and crownys of xxti yardys long and iij quarters brode; a-nother towell of flower delice werke and crownys of iij quarters brede and xviij yardes long; a-nother of latise werke and diaper of iij quarter brede, xiiij yerdes di. long; a-nother towell of iiij greynys and a fret of viij yerdes di. long; a-nother towell of latise werk and crownys vj yerdes and di. long and iij quarters brede; and two towellis of great diaper werk iij yerdes and a quarter long and iij quarter brode; and a pece of new creste clothe conteygnyng xxiij ellys; and two towellys of great diaper werkes of xiiij yerdes long and iij quarter in brede; and vij grete cofers, v chestis, ij almaryes like a chayer, and a blak cofer bounden with jron; vj yoyned stoles; iiij kaskettys; v litell ioynyd stoles; a litill table ij yerdes long; a rounde table; ij trestelles; ij garnysshe and di. of pewter vessell counterfete, wherof j garnysshe and di. is newe; and vj great kandelstikkis newe of laton, and iiij newe bellyd kandelstikkis ; ij litill kandelstikkes; vij basens of pewater; and v brasse pannys, of the which oon is xvj galons and two of them of viij gallons a pece; and the other ij more lesse; a grete standing chafere of laton with a lyon apon the lydde; ij chafers of brasse, and ij litill brasse pottys; ij grete cobardys and ij othere cobardys more and lesse; ij fyer pannys; a lityll skelet; a ladill and a scomer of laton; ij colondyrs; ij spyttys; ij dreping pannes of jron; iij dressing knyfys; ij lechyng knyfys; ij choppyng knyfys; a tryvet; a brasen morter with a pestell of jron; ij stone morters; ij gredyrons; j payer of potte hokys, a flesshe hoke, and a kolerake. Prouydid alwey that myn executours, by the aduyse of myn ouerseers, ordeigne and put in safegarde, to be kept after my discease in-to som religious place vnto the day of my said doughters mariage, and to the behofe and promocyon of the same, all and euery part of the forsaid plate and juelx, with all other stuffe of houshold by me to her as is aboue written yoven and bequethed, except souche stuffe as canne not be kept from mowghtes, which I will she haue the rule and gouernaunce of for the safegarde of the same and for her wele. And if my saide doughter Mary dye vnmaryed, then I yeve and bequethe all the forsaid plate, with all other stuffe of housholde, to my soon Mathewe her brothere. And if it fortune that he dye vnmaryd, as God forfende. then I yeve and bequeth all and euery part of my forsaid plate, juelx, and stuffe of housholde vnto my soon Sir Edward Ponyngis. And yef it fortune the said Edward to dye, as God defende, that then all the
forsaid juelx and other stuffe aboue written, except a playne standing cuppe of syluer and gilt with the couer, the knoppe, and the deuyse of the same, with gryffons hede in the botom wrought apon blewe asure, weying xxvj vncis, which I geve to my doughter in lawe Dame Isabell Ponyngis, be dyuydyd by th'advice of the ouerseers of this my present testament and last wille, and euynly to be departid vnto Antony Browne and Robert Browne, my brethern-in-lawe, they to do with it thaire fre wille. And as touching myne Agnus, tablettes with dyamondys, saphires, perlys grete and small, crosses , gurdillis, dymyseyntes, gownys, with all other thingis longing to myne apparayle as is aboue written, yef it fortune my said doughter Mary decease I geve and bequethe all and euery part of it to my kynnyswoman Margaret Hasslake. And if the said Margaret dye, that then all the said apparell particularly written before remaigne to my said doughter-in-lawe Dame Isabelle Ponyngys.

Also, xx merc. which I lent vnto my son Ser Edward Ponynges I woll that it be destributyd by the discrecion of myn executours and ouerseers among souche as been knowen my seruauntys at the day of my discease.

The residue of all my singuler goodes, catallys, and juellys, after my dettys payde and my bequestes parfourmed and fulfyllyd and burying done, I geve and fully bequeth to my sonnys Ser Edward Ponyngis and Mathew Browne, and theym to dispose and do theire fre wille to pray and to do for my soule as they wolde I sholde do for them, as they will aunswere afore God.

And of this my testament and last wille I make and ordeigne myne executours my forsaid sonnes Ser Edward Ponyngys and Mathew Browne, and theire superuysours Humfrey Conyngesby and Richard Tuke. And I bequeth to euery of myne executours for thaire labour lx s., and to euery of myne ouerseers for thaire labours xl s.

In wittenesse hereof I, the said Dame Elizabeth, to this my present test[a]ment and last wille haue put my seale. Youen at London the day and yere abouesaide.

Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum coram domino apud Lamehith xxvjto die mensis Junij anno Domini supradicto, ac approbatum, &c. Et commissa fuit administracio &c. Matheo Browne, filio eiusdem et executori, &c., de bene, &c. Ac de pleno jnuentario, &c. citra festum Sancti Petri quod dicitur Aduincula, reseruata potestate committendi &c. Edwardo Ponynges, militi, executori, &c.

From the above she included the following people:

Her daughter Mary, as yet unmarried.

Her son Matthew Browne.

Her son Sir Edward Poynings.

Her brothers in law: Antony and Robert Browne.

Her daughter in law, dame Isabel Poynings.

Her kinswoman Margaret Hasslake.
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