Notes for Sir Thomas Browne
Treasurer of the Household to H. VI.
Arms Generally notes for Sir Thomas Browne
It is unclear what the arms of this knight were. The visitation arms (p. 8 of the Harleian edition) get approval from many but the oddest thing is that no tinctures are given on page 8. The popular depictions have a field of Sable and charges or argent but I cannot find the evidence for this, save from the Dictionary of British Arms.

Possibly the best source might be Leake’s “Types of Garter Plates” pub in 1758 and not publicly available anywhere!
Armorial Blazon notes for Sir Thomas Browne
Visitation of 1622/3: On a bend cotized three lions passant.

Dict of Brit Arms: Sable, three lions rampant between 2 bends engrailed Argent. (and other variations)
Blazon source notes for Sir Thomas Browne
Visitation of Surrey in 1530, 1572 and 1623, pub 1899, p. 8.

Dictional of British Arms, Medieval Ordinary, Vol One, p. 305.
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