Notes for Sir Laurence Cheyne
He was (thanks to Jane Lane):
Escheator for Cambs & Hunts in 1424,
Sheriff of Cambs in 1430 and 1435
MP in 1431, 1432, 1435 and 1442
1441: King's esquire

And further, on 8th March 2004, she kindly added:

Feudal Aids (in Latin), vol i p44: Bedford: Laurence Cheyne held 1 Kts fee in Etone (name may be latinised)... which was held previously by John Dengayne and Roger Bello Campo

vol i p 180: Laurence Cheyne held 1/2 Kts fee in Dyttone, that William Musket and others held before.

Subsidy (ie tax) Rolls (on open shelves in Cambs Record office = CRO) (translated from latin):
1441: Particulars of the account of Laurence Cheyne Sheriff of the Cos of Cambs/Hunts which the now Lord King Henry VI by his briefs patent given on the 19 day of Jan in the 14th year of his resign assigned to the same sheriff and to other persons (etc):
Entry for Laurence Cheyne that year: L Cheyne esq helds lands and tenements in the Cos of Herts, Cambs, Beds & Wilts of the annual value of £106 from which the subsidy (tax) at 6d in the pound for £100 = 50s. And for 8d in the pound for the remaining = 4s.

1457: .. Laurence Cheyne delivered these results, being one of the commissioners of the king for Cambs...
1452.... Laurence Cheyne & William Allyngton esqs commissioners of the lord King for Cambs ...

A book on the history of Barnwell Priory & Sturbridge fair (Bibliotheca.. ) (in the CRO) had a hand-written note in latin at the bottom of it where the conventual chapel of the priory was referred to: The latin says: MSS Cole 5809 Memo that AD1489: On the day before the Ides of July, died Sir John Cheney Kt who is buried in the Chapel of the Blessed Mary, and he gave to his burial place in the priory of Barnwell £10 and to the Lord Prior 6s 8d and to every canon 3s 4d....

Also from 'Ancient Deeds' (volumes of such in CRO) on p144: Herts: A5147: Conveyance in tail male by John Cheyne of Ditton co. Camb, Kt and John Boteler of Watton at Stone, esq, to William Say, Kt, and Elizabeth his wife, of the manor of Sabrysford alias Sabrysworth, and of all their lands etc there, with remainder in tail male to the said William Say, and in fee to... (list of names); with letter of attorney authorising John Felde to deliver seisin. 18 Feb 1 Rich III. Signed. Portions of 2 seals.

He may also be the Laurence Cheney of Fen Ditton whose dau Mary m. Sir John Alington of Horse Heath, Halesworth, Suffolk, etc and who d,. 1486. Ref Lincolns Peds, pub Harleian 1903, Vol II, p. 4. This is confirmed in the Rev Cole's History of Fen Ditton of 1776. Mary's memorial in Horseth church is reported by Cole to be:

"Lo! Here the noble Mary lies, as good and fair as any,
Sprung from the Race of ancient stock of Squire Knight Laurence Cheyney
Wife heretofore she was unto John Allington esquire:
And now, behold! a marble stone lyer o'er, or very nigh her.
After this worldly darkness part, grant that, good God, she may
For ever live with thee, who are for ever and for Aye."
Arms Generally notes for Sir Laurence Cheyne
Quarterly argent and sable a blend lozengy of six gules. (Stroude & Lane)
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