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Name Alianor Mowbray [138], [59, Welles article, Vol XII/2, pp. 442-3], [93, "... Margaret Mowbray", Doug Richardson, 1 Feb 2002], 18G Grandmother
Birth bef 1361
Death 1417
General Eldest dau.
Father Sir John (III) Mowbray Lord Mowbray (1340-ca1368)
Mother Elizabeth Segrave Baroness Segrave (1338-<1368)
1 John de Welles Lord Welles [163, pp 109-113], [138], [72, p.371], [59, Welles article, Vol XII/2, pp. 441-3], 18G Grandfather
Birth 20 Apr 1352, Conisholme, Lincs
Death 26 Aug 1421
General 5th baron. Fought for duke of Lancaster.
Father John de Welle Lord Welles (1334-1361)
Mother Maud Ros? (-1388)
Marriage bef May 1386 [72, p.371]
Children Eudo de (-<1421)
Notes for Alianor Mowbray
Chris Phillips had found a settlement charter for Alianor Mowbray's and John Welle's marriage (Misc. Gen et Her., 5th series, vol 9, p. 48). Doug Richardson has deduced from this and other evidence that the settlement had to have been signed between 1361, when old lord Welles died (he was "late lord" in the settlement) and 1368 when Alienor's father John Morbray died. Marriages did not happen until they in fact were at least 7 so Alianor had to have been born in 1361 or before.

This then allows Lucy Mowbray to be her sister instead of her aunt.

See the archives under "Another look at Margaret (Mowbray) Lucy" of Jan / Feb 2002.
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