Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Notes for Ellen de Morville
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Subject: Re: Dispensation for Robert Stewart (II of Scots) and Euphemia of Ross
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 18:50:31 +0000 (UTC)

Calendar of documents relating to Scotland preserved in Her Majesties  public
record office, London, Vol. I 1108-1272, edited by Joseph Bain,  Edinburgh,

#318. 1201-1202.
Northamptonshire:---Simon de Pateshulle renders his  account. New
Oblations:---Rolland of Galloway owes 500 marks for having a  recognizance whether
Richard de Moreville father of his wife Elena, was seized  of a knight's fee and
pertinents in Basiath for 15 days before the war began  between king Henry the
father and king Henry the son. William Cumin accounts for  25 marks and a
palfrey for having to wife the younger daughter of Robert Fitz  Hugh, with a
reasonable part of the frank tenement which was the said Robert's.  He has paid into
the treasury 20 marks; and he owes 5 marks and a palfrey. [  Pipe Rolls, 3
John, Rot. 13].
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