ChildrenThomas (1526-1584)
 Alice (->1589)
Notes for Sir Edmund Walsingham
Of Chislehurst, Surrey. m. Eleanor Gunter.
But the Kent Visitation of 1530-1 says his wife was Katharyn and dau and heir of John Gunter of ??? beside Breknok in Wales and heir to Utworth in Suthray by her mother who was proabably called Utworth as she quartered the Utworth arms. (Kent 1530-1 visitation).
The Kent 1574 visitation has his wife as Katherine, dau. & co-heir of Richard Gunter of Surrey.

He is called Edmund in Sir Wm Twysden's roll. Previously I had him down as Edward, probably from some of my grandfather's notes.
A less confirming piece of evidence is the naming of his daughter Alice's sons, according to my transcript of her husband, Wm Sander's will. The first was Edmund and the second (or 3rd, unclear) was Walsingham. None of the sons was Edward. Edmund was not a name used by the Sanders before, so it is likely that he was named after his maternal grandfather.

I also had him down as Lieutenant of the Tower, from the same source as the name of Edward; I have deleted that. But the Surrey visitation for Saunders of 1530-1623 has him as "Leftennant of the towre", as does that for Walsingham.

However there is an Edmund W., a lieut of the Tower, with an article in the DNB. And this article does mention a daughter Alice, but does not say whom she married.

The Kent 1530-1 Visitation calls him Edmund and makes him Lieut of the Tower and shows a dau. "Ales". The Kent 1574 visitation has him as Edmond.

Finally the Surrey Visitation for the Walsinghams says he was Edward and that his daughter Alice married Sir Tho. Saunders of Charlewood.

So Edmund or Edward, take your pick, it's the right man!

He was a knight bachelor in the king’s retinue at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520.
Arms Generally notes for Sir Edmund Walsingham
Gules bezante and a cross chequy argent and azure - Twysden.
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