Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Birthca 1210, ? Thetford, Norfolk
GeneralNot an heir as her brother Hugh had a daughter Joan with issue.
MotherMatilda Marshal (-<1248)
Notes for Isobel Bigod
We are descended from 6 of her children, out of 9 known ones.

CoA says "sister of John Bigod" but the latest scholarship does not in any way confirm this.  There were Johns in the Bigod family, one was a nephew, a cleric and another was a distant cousin but none were her brothers who were: Roger, Earl of Norfolk, Hugh, father of Roger's heir and next earl, and Ralph.  The best recent scholarship is a set of three articles published by Paul Reed FASG on the internet newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval on the 2nd August 2000, under the title "BIGOD of Settringham, co. Yorks., and Stockton, co. Norfolk".
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