Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Notes for Alice de Toni
Not sure she was the mother of Giles, etc. but it is the latest firm opinion of the newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval..
Notes for Walter de & Alice de (Family)
On 25th Oct 2003, Douglas Richardson posted this, confirming their marriage:

"Complete Peerage 12 Pt. 1 (1953): 769-771 (sub Tony) has a good
account of the life of Ralph VI de Tony (died 1239), baron of
Flamstead, co. Hertford.  The editor states that Ralph VI de Tony
married betwen 1232 and 1234 Pernel, "daughter of Walter de Lacy,
presumably by his wife, Margaret, da. of William de Briouze."
Following Ralph's death at sea in 1239, Pernel married (2nd) William
de St. Omer.  She was last known to be living 25 November 1288, "when
she had quittance of the common summons of the eyre for common pleas
in Wiltshire." [C.P. 12 Pt. 1 (1953): 771, footnote e].

New research indicates that Lady Pernel de Tony was living as 9 March
1290, when she was examined by the Bishop of Worcester regarding the
marriage of her granddaughter, Alice de Tony, to Walter de Beauchamp.
The following item is found in the Register of Bishop Godfrey Giffard,
Part 3 (Episcopal Regs., Dioc. of Worc.) (1900): 367–368:

"Memorandum, that on the 7th of the Ides of March [9 March 1290], the
bishop examined witnesses, namely, Sir William le Poer, Sir Robert de
Bracy, Sir John de Thorndon, knights, and the lady Petronilla de Tovy
[Tony], and the rector of the church of Piriton [Pirton], upon the
degree of consanguinity between Sir Walter de Bello Campo, knight, and
the lady Alice de Tovy [Tony], his wife.  The bishop found them to be
within the fourth degree, and as they were ignorant at the time of
contract that there was any impediment between them, he decreed the
marriage and the issue thereof to be lawful." "

Moor in his Knights of Ed I, finds that the dispensation by the Bishop of Worcester was on 23 Sep 1289.
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