Birth1 Feb 1352, Langoed, Brecons, Wales [79, II-3]
Baptism1 Feb 1352, Llyswen church, Brecons
Death27 Dec 1381, Dominican Priory, Cork [79, II-3]
General3rd earl. Marshal of England. King's lieut in Ireland.
MotherPhillippa de Montagu (-1381)
Birth16 Aug 1355, Eltham Palace [79, II-3]
Deathca 7 Jan 1382, Cork, Ireland [79, II-3]
GeneralThe heir of line to Edward IV. Sometimes 'Phillippa of Clarence'.
ChildrenElizabeth (1371-1417)
 Roger (1374-1398)
 Philippa (1375-1401)
 Edmund (1376-ca1409)
Arms Generally notes for Edmund Mortimer Earl of March
Peter Howarth wrote interestingly on the s.g.m newsgroup on 4 Sep 2005:

“Edmund became Earl of March on the death of his father, Roger, on 26 Feb
1359. He would therefore have adopted his father's arms at that time. For
what it is worth, they are usually blazoned as barry of six or and azure, on
a chief or, two pallets between two gyrons azure, over all an escutcheon

“Edmund later became Earl of Ulster after the death of his father-in-law,
Lionel of Antwerp, on 17 Oct 1368. On a seal of his from 1372, he bears the
quartered arms of Mortimer and Ulster (illustrated in J P Brooke-Little,
_Boutell's Heraldry_, rev edn 1978, p 178). He therefore used his father's
arms for at least nine years and the quartered arms for possibly longer.

“It was quite common in mediaeval heraldry for someone to bear more than one
coat of arms, either consecutively or even simultaneously. The tomb of
Edward, the Black Prince, has both a shield for war (his father's arms with
a silver label) and a shield for peace (black, with three silver ostrich
feathers with their quills piercing scrolls inscribed 'ich dien'). The
second shield, with matching surcoat and horse trappings, is a far more
likely explanation for his by-name than the suggestion that he wore black
Will notes for Edmund Mortimer Earl of March
In his will, dated May 1st 1380, he lists:
Roger, son of John de Mortimer,
His most honoured lady and mother - a supervisor of the will,
Roger his son and heir,
His son Edmond,
His daughter Elizabeth,
His daughter Philippa,
His dear brother [father of son-in-law] Monsr Henry earl of Northumberland,
His dear son [son-in-law] Monsr Henry Percy [Hotspur].
Armorial Blazon notes for Edmund Mortimer Earl of March
Azure, three baros or on a chief of the first two pallets between two base esquires of the second, over all an inescutcheon argent.
Blazon source notes for Edmund Mortimer Earl of March
British Dictionary of Heraldry, Medieval Ordinary, vol I, pp. 101-6.;
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