Birth14 Aug 1473, Farleigh Castle, Bath, Somerset
Death27 May 1541, Executed in the Tower of London
BurialSt Peter Ad Vincula, Tower of London
GeneralHeir. Countess: 1513. Given Salisbury possessions of Kingmaker.
MotherLady Isabella Neville (1451-1476)
ChildrenHenry (1488-1538)
 Reginald (1500-1558)
 Geoffrey (1501-1558)
 Ursula (~1502-)
 Arthur (-ca1536)
Notes for Blessed Margaret Plantagenet Countess of Salisbury
House arrest from November 1538, probably to the Tower in 1539, then told she was to die on 27th May 1541, nearly at the age of seventy. (Antonia Fraser in Six Wives of Henry VIII)

So she was executed at the order Henry VIII, her first cousin once removed, after he had had a Bill of Attainder passed through Pariament against her.

This Act was never repealed so we cannot inherit any of her arms or other marks.

Though I presume it must be legitimate to claim descent from her?

But in the full Dictionary of National Biography it (initials JG) states of Henry, her son:

"His two daughters became his heirs and were fully restored in blood and honours in the first year of Philip and Mary".

See the Notes for her granddaughter, Winifred Poole.

She was the first cousin of Elizabeth of York who married Henry VII and she married Richard Pole who was half first cousin of Henry VII. So their children were doubly second cousins of Henry VIII.

She is on the list of English martyrs in the Beati section, being beatified in 1888.
Armorial Blazon notes for Blessed Margaret Plantagenet Countess of Salisbury
France modern quartering England with a label Argent each point charged with a canton Gules.
Blazon source notes for Blessed Margaret Plantagenet Countess of Salisbury
Dictionary of British Arms, Medieval Ordinary, vol 4, p. 34.
Notes for Richard & Margaret (Family)
Coll. Top. et Gen. Vol I, p. 21 says that their marriage was made in the presence of the King and Queen. This is from Aske’s Collection of manuscripts made in the early 16th century.
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