Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Birthca 1459
Deathbef 20 Oct 1504
GeneralKG 253: 23 Apr 1499; N 23. Constable of Harlech Castle; Sheriff of Merioneth.
FatherGeoffrey Poole (-ca1474)
Notes for Sir Richard Poole KG
CP: 1st cousin of the half-blood to H. VII.

His KG stall plate is in St George's Chapel, Windsor, No 253.

Remarkably this man turns out to be first cousin to Henry VII through his grandmother Elizabeth Beauchamp whose second marriage was to John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset.  So Richard Poole was in fact half-first-cousin.
Arthur Plaisted in his "The manor and parish records of Medmenham, Bucks" (Longmans, 1925) writes about Richard, pp. 98 and 99:

"Sir Richard Pole, who had made his home at Bockmer [Medmenham], was elder son of Geoffrey Pole of Wittington, and Squire of the Bodyguard to Henry VII.  He held important offices in the country of his ancestry, where he was Constable of Harlech and Montgomery Castles, Sheriff of Merioneth, and Chief Governor of the marches.  His courtly manner, sweetness of disposition, and military capacity won great favour with the King, who created him Knight of the Garter, and appointed him Chief Gentleman of the Bedchamber and Governor to his eldest son, Prince Arthur of Wales.  As a further mark of distinction, Henry VII in 1494 bestowed upon him in marriage Lady Margaret Plantagenet, daughter of George, Duke of Clarence.  This Duke of Clarence was fifth son of the Duke of York, by Isabel, daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Westmorland.
"In Margaret Plantagenet the squire of Medmenham possessed a wife aptly described as the "prudent woman, whose household is clothed in scarlet, whose price is far above rubies."  The wily monarch by such a marriage not only rewarded Sir Richard Pole for his services, but he partly extinguished the rival claim of the Plantagenets to the throne by disposing of the next in blood of that family to a husband of unambitious temper and proved fidelity.  The children of the marriage were Henry, afterwards Lord Montacute and Monthermer ; Arthur, who lies buried in Medmenham Church ; Reginald, sometime Cardinal and Archbishop ; Geoffrey ; and two daughters.
"Sir Richard Pole in 1495 raised troops against Perkin Warbeck, an amazing impostor and leader of insurrection, who personated the Duke of York, one of the Princes murdered in the Tower.  The event is of passing interest through the fact that Lady Margaret Pole was cousin to the murdered children.  Sir Richard died in 1505, leaving his wife as sole guardian of their young children, the eldest being only just ten years of age."

His death date is known from H. VII's accounts (CP): Exc. Hist., p. 132; BL Add MS. 7099, f. 80.

In Shaw’s “The Knights of England”, v. 2, pp . 24-5, he records that among the knights made by Henry VII at the battle of Stoke-on-Trent on 16th June 1487 was:
and this may well have been this Richard.
(Bear in mind that Garter knights had to be already knighted.)
Armorial Blazon notes for Sir Richard Poole KG
Per pale Or and Sable a saltire counterchanged.
Blazon source notes for Sir Richard Poole KG
Dean of St George, Windsor’s Tables, photograph in the CDROM Garter Armorials pub by Heraldry Society 2015.


The Dictionary of British Arms, medieval ordinary, Volume Four, p. 375.

His stall plate survives.
Notes for Richard & Margaret (Family)
Coll. Top. et Gen. Vol I, p. 21 says that their marriage was made in the presence of the King and Queen.  This is from Aske’s Collection of manuscripts made in the early 16th century.
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