NameHywel Dda King of South Wales [56, His own article], [75, Llewelyn v.2, No 392], 29G Grandfather
Birthca 887, Dynevor Castle, L, Wales
FatherCadell (861-909)
MotherRheingar (865-)
Birthca 893
FatherLlywarch ap Hyfaidd (-904)
ChildrenOwain ap Hywel Dda (ca913-988)
Notes for Hywel Dda King of South Wales
Martin P-L writes:

907-950 Hywel Dda (Good) gained control of nearly all Wales, though he paid tribute to the kings of Wessex. He modelled himself on Alfred, visited Rome, kept the Saxons happy, and - his claim to fame - gave Law to Wales. He summoned to his hunting lodge at Whitland in Carmarthenshire six representatives from each cantref . [Cantref means hundred, and each cantref consisted of 100 townships or hamlets, Main being one such.] The product of their deliberations was Hywel's Law or Code. Few changes were made to this over the succeeding centuries, and it remained a stable element in Welsh society amidst all the fighting for power or survival.
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