Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Birth1 Jul 1770
GeneralRector of Sonning, Berks (and/or of Hamstall, Ridware, Staffs).
EducationFellow of All Souls, Oxon (founder’s kin).
FatherRev Dr Edward Cooper (1727-1792)
MotherJane (or Mary?) Leigh (1736-1783)
Notes for Rev Edward Cooper
In 1826, from an assignment of an insurance now held at the London Metropolitan Archives, they were living at Hamstall Ridware, Staffs.

In her diary for 1 Jul 1802, Caroline Powys wrote: our Son Coopers Birth day 31 Born 17 [blank=1770].
Note that his age of 31 does not square up with the birth year of 1770.

He was a Chichele descendant with the right of free education at St John’s Oxford, which right went through all his children.

Another of his ancestors was the splendidly named Bulstrode Whitelock of Fawley Court, for whom there is a long line of apparently documented Bech ancestors going back to the 12th century.
Notes for Edward & Caroline Isabella (Family)
Om the licence to marry, of 11th March 1793:

“Edward Cooper of the parish of Sunning, Bucks, batchelor, 21 and up ... intendeth to marry Caroline Isabella Powys of the parish of Fawley, Bucks, a minor of 18 yrs up and with the consent of Philip Lybbe Powys [her] father. ... to solemnise same in the parish church of Fawley aforesaid...”

Signed by EC and PLP.

In her diaries on 13 March 1802, Caroline Powys wrote: Edward & Caroline Coopers Wedding day, married 1793.

The Oxford Journal states that the marriage was at Fawley and was by Rev Thomas Powys jnr.
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