NameCaroline Girle [29], [30], 5G Grandmother
Birth27 Dec 1738
Death7 Nov 1817, Fawley, Bucks
BurialWhitchurch, Oxon
GeneralHeir. Diarist.
FatherJohn Girle FRS (ca1702-1761)
MotherBarbara Slaney (1717-1801)
Birth26 Oct 1734
Death12 Apr 1809, Fawley, Oxon
Burial20 Apr 1809, Whitchurch, Oxon [19, Whitchurch on Thames]
General1st surv. s. Of Hardwick House, Oxon. Deputy Lieutenant of Oxon.
EducationSt John's Oxon: matric: 1753, BCL: 1761. [28, Philip Powys' notes, p.119]
FatherPhilip Powys (1704-1779)
MotherIsabella Lybbe (ca1713-1761)
ChildrenCaroline (1763-1764)
 Philip Lybbe (1765-1838)
 Thomas (1768-1817)
 Caroline Isabella (1775-ca1838)
Notes for Caroline Girle
Martin P-L writes:

Her father was the Surgeon in Chief to St Thomas's, a member of the Royal Society, and a wealthy man. He owned property in Beenham, Bucklebury, Padworth and Ufton (all in Berks) and built no. 1 Lincoln's Inn Fields, which is now half of a double house. He died the year before she married PHILIP, and was buried at Beenham. Though the church has since burnt down, the memorial tablet erected by his wife survives and is in the new church. His wife, Barbara, lived on for many years. In due course, Caroline inherited all the above property, plus her mother's third share of an estate in Worcs., and many investments.

Her father had encouraged her to keep a journal while away on holiday in Norfolk, and she maintained the habit till soon before her husband's death, when she herself suffered so badly from rheumatism that she found it hard to write.
The Diaries give a warm and detailed account of eighteenth century life as a country lady. There were about 20 volumes, which were distributed round the family. Mrs Climenson was able to reassemble them to produce her edited version, but half of them subsequently disappeared, on the Isle of Wight apparently. The remainder were given by AP-L to the British Library, together with her recipe book. This contains about 200 recipes (or receipts), not just for food but for medicines and concoctions for cleaning a variety of materials. AP-L has another book of hers, an anthology - in impeccable hand - of passages from books that she enjoyed or valued.

Mrs Climenson's edition was published in 1899. She had access to many other family papers, which she quoted liberally in her footnotes and appendices. Since the original papers have since disappeared, we have cause to be grateful to her. There is very little additional information that I have been able to lay hold of. One such, to end with.
Queen Charlotte, with whom Caroline was quite friendly, gave her a gold comb, which she must have given to her second son Thomas, since it is now in the possession of Thomas Whitby, who is descended from him.

The miniature of Caroline that AP-L had was stolen, but a reproduction of it is on the flyleaf of the Diaries.

Both Caroline and Philip were buried in the family vault, under the vestry at Whitchurch.

Her will is at Kew, for Caroline Powys, widow of Fawley, Bucks and proved on 8th Jan 1818.

The notice of her death in The Gentleman’s Magazine for1817, Jul to Dec, p. 566 states it was on 1st Nov and that she died at Henley on Thames.

The British Museum Quarterly, Vol 5, No 4, (Mar 1931), pp. 120-124, records this acquisition:

“Diaries, in 12 vols, of Mrs Caroline Powys, 1739-1817, of Harwicke House, Oxon. Bequeatheed by her descendant the late Mr R.C.L.P.Lybbe.”

Note that her name is correctly recorded in this entry.
Will notes for Caroline Girle
Will of Caroline Powys, Widow of Fawley , Buckinghamshire 08 January 1818 PROB 11/1600
Notes for Philip Lybbe & Caroline (Family)
Whitchurch Marriage Register:
"1762 Aug 5 POWYS Philip Lybbe of Hardwick in this parish
GIRLE Caroline of Caversham
Wit: John WHISTLER, Philip POWYS Lic."

In her diary for 5 Aug 1802, Caroline Powys wrote: our Wedding day married in 1762.
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